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Maybe god smiled, or planets aligned, or perhaps a butterfly in China flapped its wings, but for whatever reason, Cynthia Jane has recorded their debut CD, Lo and Behold, with William Calhoun (Living Colour) and Billy Carmassi (Aldo Nova) on drums, and Scott Thunes (Zappa Family) on bass.
Here's how it transpired.

Cynthia Jane's friend, Amanda Cruz, while working for Quad Recording Studios in Manhattan, was able to get Cynthia Jane the odd, free session.  And so, armed with valuable recording time, Cynthia Jane called their valuable friend Scott Thunes and asked him to come to New York and record some bass tracks.  Scott obliged and, of course, his bass playing made Cynthia Jane's songs sound better than ever.  Suddenly, the quality of the project had escalated to unexpected heights.

But how to maintain this level of quality?
There were still drums to record...

...It was then that Amanda reminded Cynthia Jane that she was a close personal friend of William Calhoun, and that she could ask him to play drums on a couple of songs.  After considering this for about .06 seconds, Cynthia Jane said "please do!"  She did, and Will graciously recorded three tracks.

But how to maintain this level of quality?
There were still more drums to record...

...So Cynthia Jane contacted Billy Carmassi, a long time friend of the Cynthia Jane family, and coincidentally, one of their all time favorite drummers.  Billy agreed to fly out from his home in California and play drums on the remaining eight songs.

But just as sure as the sun rises, it also sets.
And often before the day's work is done...

...Soon after Billy's sessions, Amanda left her job at Quad, and suddenly, Cynthia Jane was without a benefactor.  The rhythm tracks were finished, and they were monstrous!  but, alas, there was no money to continue the project.

And so...

...After a brief period of crippling self-pity, and then many therapeutic club gigs, Cynthia  Jane was back on course; making eight-track demos and often coming very close to getting funded.


...Cynthia Jane had built up excellent credit ratings with many important sounding banks around the country.  The Visa card offers came weekly, with ever diminishing APRs.  And when the interest rates fell below 13%, Cynthia Jane opened credit accounts with several of these gullible institutions.  Soon their credit lines were high enough and Cynthia Jane became their own benefactor. Where there's a bill, there's a way...Cynthia Jane then employed the many talents of engineer/producer Kennan Keating and finished the recording at his Treehaus Studio in Manhattan.  And better late than never, Lo and Behold is at last being released to an oblivious public.

  The Oblivious Public
Years ago it would have been difficult to make people aware of this CD.  It would have been shopped around in the usual ways, and who knows?  -maybe some record label would have distributed it, and you would have heard about it.  Then again, record companies sometimes choose unwisely, and Lo and Behold may very well have been lost to the ages, like The Good Rats.
But today, with the ever-expanding Worldwide Web, it's possible for Cynthia Jane to reach a portion of the oblivious public using the Internet and the Search Engine. Presumably one of these Search Engines brought you here because you're a fan of someone on the CD.  And hopefully you will now purchase Lo and Behold out of sheer curiosity  -which is the point. Cynthia Jane makes no claim of sounding like Zappa, Living Colour, or Aldo Nova (who could?), and they employ this Exploitation Strategy out of pure necessity. Cynthia Jane believes their CD deserves to be heard, and how you learned about it is irrelevant.

Exploitation Strategy
If you find it unseemly that Cynthia Jane would entice people to their website to get them to buy a CD by shamelessly emphasizing the famous people playing on it, consider this; exploiting the popularity of the guest musician is a time honored marketing strategy that dates back to 1775, when Patrick Henry convinced Aaron Burr to play lead guitar on a few tracks of his double live album. Henry's career had been faltering, but thanks to Burr's already established popularity within the colonies, "Liberty or Death...Live!" entered the charts at #2, and secured Henry's place in U. S. history.

This website is dedicated to selling the Cynthia Jane debut CD, Lo and BeholdCynthia Jane is not, at this time, under contract with any record label.  All the money received from sales of the CD go first, to repaying the debt accrued in production of the recording, and second, towards production of a second CD, currently being developed under the working title That Green Apple.

And, since life is short, let it be known that...
...Cynthia Jane, while enjoying the overrated, bohemian freedom of self-financing, self-managing, and self-producing, would welcome the greater freedom of having corporate financing and professional management.  Interested industry people, and regular people with money to invest are advised to contact Cynthia Jane, via e-mail, immediately.

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